Want to buy BONES SUPER REDS SKATEBOARD BEARINGS? At The Old Man Boardsports


$41.38 USD
By Bones

The Bones Super Reds are an improved version of the cheaper bestsellers: the Bones Reds ! The difference lies in the quality of the materials used in the bearing. The Bones Super Reds are made from higher quality iron ore and higher quality bullets. This makes the bearing stronger so that the internal precision and shape of the bearing is maintained for longer. This counteracts internal resistance and the high speed is guaranteed for longer!


- Kind: Bearings
- Content:
 Eight loose bearings (set for four wheels)
Instructions for use
A Bones Bearings sticker
Made from a higher quality iron ore to ensure performance and durability for longer.
Removable rubber caps for easy and user-friendly cleaning of the bearings.
Internal nylon ball bearing retainer that adds strength and ensures speed.
Pre-lubricated with Speed ​​Cream, Bones Bearings' special bearing oil.
Made to Skate Rated specifications to ensure the best durability and performance.
The inside of the bearing contains an open space for dust and dirt to leave the bearing.
- Use for: Skateboard

- Color: Black (Black)

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