$132.40 USD


- Type: Ski/Snowboard Helmet
- For: Unisex
-Model : Solid Color
- Sizes (Head Size) S/M: 54 - 56 cm / L/XL: 57 - 59 cm
- Weight: 350g
- Fit: 
Tuned Fit System: Our Tuned Fit System allows a rider to dial in their fit using pads of varying thickness on the inside of the helmet. Our helmets always come with two sizes of pads. Each size has a different color, making it easy to determine the right pads to fit the helmet to the head. It is very important to adjust the helmet with these supplied pads. For example, the slightly thicker cushions can be mounted on the back of the head and the cushion at the front of the head can be thinner, or vice versa.
Form-fitting: We design our helmets differently than our competitors. We have analyzed the most diverse heads and determined a basic anatomical shape. This allows us to follow exactly the curves of the human head shape. You can see this very well when you look at a TSG helmet from the front: the sides of the helmet shell have more curvature and clearly run inwards. The outline of the TSG helmets on the sides and at the back is round and not straight down like other helmets. With this production we achieve a so-called contact ring in the helmet. Here the head touches the helmet all around.
• We call this the TSG Snug Fit. In addition to the better fit, our helmets with Snug Fit also look less bulky.
• More force is required to lift the TSG helmet from the head than competition models. This is important so that the helmet does not slip during use and, above all, remains in the correct position in the event of a fall.
Low Fit: A helmet can only protect what it covers. Our Low Fit design sits low and fully protects the entire back and sides of your head without obstructing the field of vision or restricting movement.
- Pattern: Plain
- Product features:
In-Mold Construction: In-Mold Construction is a technique that bonds the impact-absorbing EPS liner directly to the Polycarbonate shells to create a lightweight and strong structure. In the first step, the flat PC sheet is heated and deep-drawn over the helmet mold. Then the outline of the helmet shell and the holes are milled out. This PC shell is then placed in the helmet mold and the anchors for straps and fitting systems are placed. Then the mold is closed and the EPS is injected. Now the polycarbonate shell adheres to the EPS and a super light, but extremely stable helmet is created.
• Certifications: NF EN 1077 12/2007 B European Standard for Ski and Snowboard Helmets / ASTM 2040 American Standard for Snowsport Helmets
Cold resistant
• 4 Fans with airflow channels
Coated front rim: A protective layer of PC is bonded to the foam at the front for a clean look and extra strength in the lower rim of the helmet
Comfort padding in 2 sizes: Premium heat-sealed padding that is preformed and quick-drying: removable and machine washable (hand wash)
Removable soft ear cushions and neck roll: Soft ear cushions with comfortable neck roll that are easy to attach to your helmet with Velcro. Your ear cushions add warmth for greater comfort and can be easily converted for multi-season use
• Goggle lock
Certifications: NF EN 1077 12/2007 B European Standard for Ski and Snowboard Helmets / ASTM 2040 American Standard for Snowsport Helmets
- Use for: Skiing / Snowboarding / Winter sports

- Material: Polycarbonate / EPS / Polyester / Nylon
- Color: Black (Satin Black)

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