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$99.44 USD
By Secrid

This handy wallet is a perfect all-rounder: small in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity. The Miniwallet fits in every pocket. The patented mechanism allows access to your cards with one simple movement. The aluminum housing protects cards from bending, breaking, and unwanted wireless communication.

About the design - Flower still life with an imperial crown in a stone niche
Secret has created a collection of wallets inspired by Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Still lifes of flowers were a popular subject in the Golden Age of Dutch art. Jacob Vosmaer is regarded as a painter par excellence of the genre. His flower still life can be admired in the Gallery of Honor of the Rijksmuseum and now also on this wallet.

Details and finishing
Wallets have to endure a lot. That is why Secrid is testing always thoroughly check each new item for quality and durability. After extensive testing, Secrid confirm that the print will retain its color and will not smear during use. The artworks are printed on the leather in great detail, even showing the cracks in the paint. An engraving on the inside of the wallet tells about the paintings and in which museum it can be found.


- Type: Card wallet / Card holder
- For: Unisex
- Dimensions: 65 x 102 x 21mm
- Weight: 72g
- 4 thickened or 6 flat cards
- 4 additional cards
- Banknotes
- Business cards
- Receipts
- Use for: Every day

- Material: Leather
- Colour: Multi (Art Flowers)

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