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$60.75 USD
By Secrid

The Slimwallet in the color Saffiano Navy from the Secrid brand is a contemporary take on the classic billfold. Its slim profile makes it fit perfectly in any interior or trouser pocket. The generously cut leather offers space for at least 6 extra cards and banknotes. The patented mechanism gives access to your cards with one simple movement: ready for use. The aluminum housing protects cards from bending, breaking, and unwanted wireless communication. You can find the wallet at our Skatestore The Old Man , next to other cool accessories, such as fanny packs, scarves, jewelry and branded sunglasses.


- Type: Wallet / Card holder
- Series: Slimwallet
- Dimensions: 68 x 102 x 16mm
- Weight: 72g
- 4 thickened or 6 flat cards
- 6 additional cards
- Banknotes
- Business cards
- Receipts
- Use for: Everyday / School / Work / Vacation / Leisure
- Product code: SSa-Navy

- Material: Leather
- Color: Blue (Saffiano Navy)

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