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The Superfeet Trim To Fit Insole in the color Blue has been developed to provide exceptional shock absorption in your sports, outdoor or work shoes. The insole is stabilizing for your foot and body, ensures a good fit in your shoe and provides cushioning with a deep heel cup. These insoles provide extra lateral support by fixing the heel. The heel cup also helps to unwind your foot naturally. The sole is treated with an antibacterial agent to prevent unpleasant odors. Useful for heel spurs, shin splints (shin bone inflammation), lumps (hallux valgus), cramps under the foot, burning sensation under the ball of the foot, black toenails, blisters, swollen ankles, bone growth on the heel bone or on the side of the foot, pressure point on the big toe and hip, knee or back problems.

- Type: Insole
- For: Sports, work and hiking shoes
- Colour: Blue (Blue):
Trim-To-Fit allows you to cut the sole correctly for optimum wearing comfort. Follow the steps below to install:
Remove the insole that is in your shoe.
(Superfeet should lie flat on the bottom of the shoe for proper fit)
Step 2. SIGN UP
Place the original sole from the shoe on the Superfeet sole.
Make sure that both top edges on the back of the soles are flush (A).
Then level the inside of the soles (B).
Draw a line around the top sole with a pen.
Step 3. CUT
Cut along the outside of the line. Be careful not to cut them too short; cut, try, cut, try.
Step 4. PLACE
Insert the cut Superfeet into your shoe. IMPORTANT! Superfeet soles should be able to move a little lengthwise in the shoe (just like your feet) about 2mm. When the sole is in the shoe, it should therefore be about 2 mm shorter than the shoe. 

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