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$66.19 USD
By Warmbat


With this Flurry Women Suede slipper in the color Mud from the Warmbat brand you can relax at the end of the day. Because of the low profile you step directly into 100% original Australian Merino sheep wool. This type of wool has a very fine structure and has the advantage that it does not itch. As a result, the slippers are very comfortable and your feet will be wonderfully warm. You don't have to worry about moisture either. The resulting moisture is naturally drained through the hollow fibers of the sheepskin.

Furthermore, the women's slippers are finished with the velvet fabric suede. The slippers feel soft and smooth on the outside and exude luxury. The soles of the slippers are made of a combination of rubber and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). The latter is a wear-resistant plastic that protects the slippers against cold and shocks. The rubber element in the soles is very light and non-slip and provides extra strength and grip on the bottom of your foot.


- Type: Slipper / Slipper
- For: Women
- Product features:
• The inner lining and insole of the slippers consist of 100% original Australian Merino sheep's wool

• The outside of the slippers is finished with the luxurious suede material
• The soles of the slippers are made of a combination of rubber and EVA
- Use for: Every day

- Material: Suede
- Color: Brown (Mud)

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